Digitize your machine within 10 minutes

box42 is a simple retrofit solution that reads existing displays and sends the values to where ever you need it – be it a smartphone or an enterprise software solution.

The Product

A Robust system to DIGITIZE machine data

box42 is a user-friendly, affordable and non-invasive retrofit solution to digitize the assets on your shopfloor the way YOU want it. After ten minutes of easy installation, box42 reads the visual feedback of your equipment – e.g. displays, indicators, gauges – interprets the data and makes the figures digitally accessible.

This happens without your data ever leaving your premises. box42 works completely independent, even without internet connection. To operate your box42 all you need is our very user-friendly app (all platforms) that will also take care of your setup process.

You want to integrate box42 with your existing MES or ERP system? No problem! The box comes with a set of super simple REST APIs and pre-built connectors for all major systems.


Why box42?

Industrial IoT rethought: pragmatic, user-focused, flexible!

Cost-efficient digitization of existing machines

No lengthy integration projects, no system integrators, no unnecessary acquisitions

Highest security of your data

based on the possibility to run box42 completely on premise in your own secure network

Highest flexibility for all use-cases

because of intelligent extension modules and usage of wide-spread standards

Easiest installation and integration

thanks to a non-invasive retrofit solution, that was developed together with actual users

Take the first step into industrial IoT!


How it works?

With its image recognition module box42 takes a picture of your industrial equipments display. Several advanced neural networks powered by the box’s powerful processors then reliably recognize the figures shown on the displays and turn them into a time-stamped data point. It’s that simple!


The Image Recognition Module of box42 gets pointed to the display without blocking the view to it. The installation itself is very easy and does not require any tools.


Using the app, you tell box42 what exactly to look for and what to do with the figures: tracking, error detection, notification, integration into enterprise software … you decide.

Read & GET Notified

Several powerful neural networks allow box42 to recognize figures and machine conditions quickly and reliably. box42 can do this fully automatically or triggered by your command.


Integrate data into your system

The data can be integrated into all major ERP or MES systems so you can access it like any other company resource.


What box42 can read

box42 can read and understand a large variety of your assets’ HMIs, displays and indicators and is constantly improving to understand more.


LCDs or LED-lit displays that just show decimal numerals, are most commonly to be found in clocks, scales, thermometers and other simple measurement devices.

use cases

Mechanical counters

Analog meters with digit wheels showing decimal numbers, typically used in electricity meters and mileage or runtime counters.

use cases

Gauges (in development)

Circular pointer displays that show measurements, e.g. voltage, pressure or temperature by movement of a needle.

use cases

Control lights (in development)

Indicators that signal the machine’s state via mode (on, off, blinking) or color of illumination.

use cases

What do you want digitalize?