How does box42 work?

box42 has a powerful processor that can reliably recognize various display types using modern machine-learning methods.

1. box42 gets mounted on the machine

The Image Recognition Module of box42 gets pointed on the display without blocking the view to it. The installation itself is very easy and does not require any tools.

2. box42 gets configured

Using the official app, box42 can be configured within minutes. The user has the option to define what the box should do with the data: tracking, error detection, notification, integration into enterprise software … you decide.

3. box42 recognizes and interprets the display

A powerful neural network allows box42 to recognize values and machine states quickly and reliably.

4. The digitized machine data get forwarded and processed

The official app for box42 already provides a lot of features, like live-view, historic dat, error detection and notifications.

Furthermore, the data can be forwarded to all major ERP or MES systems so you can access it like any other company resource.

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